We Hear You – You Want to Make More Money

We know you want to make more sales of cars, new and used, to keep your Service Department humming and to keep your lot full of happy people, who just love buying cars from you.

If that is really what you’d like to do, but you  think that sounds too good to be true then you need to talk to us.

We CAN Make that a Reality!

Automotive Syndication our Secret Weapon

Video is hot! Organizational housewares e-tailer StacksAndStacks.com reported that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not.

We can give every car on your lot a capture page, with it’s own call in number and it’s own 60 second video with a voice over.  And it does not cost $400/video, it does not even cost $100/video, it does not even cost $75 per video. And for FREE we throw in automated posting on Craigslist (or you can do it manually with software assist) automated posting on BackPage (an up and coming force in listing services), Plus ebay assist and Apps for Twitter and Facebook.

Call for a FREE Demonstration!

Real time Bidding is Secret Weapon #2

Once you have a lot more leads from several more channels we want to convert many, many, many more of those leads.

Utilizing the new technologies of Real Time Bidding and Retargeting, we can find your ideal client and re-market to them, until they are educated about you and why they need to buy their next car from you and deal with you exclusively.  In other words they are a Qualified Lead.
We also generate a real online community that loves you and tells all their friends that you are their exclusive choice for all your car needs.   Puts what some call social media marketing to shame.

Today’s Reality 

Currently 95% PLUS of the people who arrive on your website, spend a short, or sometimes a long time there and leave, taking no action, and they’ll not likely Be Back.

They may check you out with their friends and they may look at your social media, you know your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, Pinterest and see what the buzz is on Twitter.

Are you set up to educate them and bring them back over and over and over again until they understand why they need to buy their next car from you?  Do you have a community of happy customers who are constantly talking about how wonderful you are?

Growing up on the prairies, the car dealers were the heart of their communities, and we’re committed to making that true again… for some select auto-dealers.

But that is not going to happen if you  keep doing things the same way everyone else is currently doing things, especially on line.

Your Future

Discover what we do differently that will have your car lot look like this… LOL

crowd at the autodealers